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Mountain landscape

 Project website: www.tourism4nature.org

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Duration: April 2005 - May 2008

Project goals:

Brief project description:

The overall goal of this project was to promote the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity through the development and implementation of sustainable tourism practices in the Biosphere Reserves Aggtelek (Hungary), Babia Gora (Poland) and Sumava (Czech Republic). This has been achieved through the development of new and innovative management systems with a special focus on tourism-related uses of these sites. Following the development and implementation of awareness raising and capacity building systems, a great number of tourism initiatives and activities have ensured the distribution of returns for conservation purposes as well as to local stakeholders. These initiatives were consistent with the conservation and sustainable use of vulnerable mountain ecosystem biodiversity by using the UNEP/CBD International Guidelines for Biodiversity and Tourism Development.

Supported by:

United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)/Global Environmental Facilities (GEF) - Sub-Programme Title: Biodiversity - 3: Forest Ecosystems and cuts across OP4

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UNESCO Man and Biosphere Programme (MAB)



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