ETE is member of the "Sustainable Tourism Working Group" of CEEweb for Biodiversity, a network of nature conservation NGOs in Central and East European countries. The working group was created with the help of ETE since 2002 and has been supporting sustainable tourism development ever since.

The primary focus of the working group is internal information exchange and the education of the members of the working group, then targeting and involving all other stakeholders. The working group complements and supports the efforts under the European Agenda 21 for Tourism and the International Guidelines for Biodiversity and Tourism Development of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Current activities are the "CEEWEB Academy on Sustainable Tourism", a series of workshops on sustainable tourism for CEEWEB member organizations, the development of a methodology for the creation of tourism management plans and the creation of a training scheme on sustainable tourism development.

Supported by:

European Commission, DG Environment ("Operating Grant Agreement")


CEEweb for Biodiversity, Budapest/Hungary

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