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Between 2005 and 2015, ETE implemented a series of international medium-sized projects, mainly in Central and Eastern European countries. The main focus of these projects was sustainable tourism management. Through the participatory development of guidelines, planning tools and communication strategies the projects aimed at mainstreaming sustainable tourism development and its ecological, economic and social benefits amongst politicians, private tourism businesses, travellers and NGOs.

The projects encompassed a multitude of smaller and bigger activities that fostered the implementation of the concept of sustainable tourism.

Find out more about the individual projects in the following:

Dialogue boards on tourism and biological diversity

The three dialogue boards focus on the involvement of nature, environmental, leisure, sport and tourism associations in the implementation of the national strategy on biological diversity.


Sustainable tourism in the Carpathians

Consultation process for the development of a sustainable tourism strategy for the Carpathians to be presented at the COP 2014.


Tourism fosters biological diversity

A project enhancing the awareness of the interrelation of nature conservation, natural landscapes and tourism among stakeholders from the tourism sector and nature, environmental and leisure associations.


Fostering sustainable tourism as a perspective for the future

Research on the implementation of international conventions and agreements regarding sustainable tourism development in Germany, information exchange and consumer's awareness raising of sustainable tourism.


Tourism and biodiversity in Central Eastern Europe

Model project for the implementation of the CBD Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development in three Biosphere Reserves in Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic


Nature conservation and tourism in the Low Tatras

Development and model implementation of strategies for communication and interpretation to foster a sound balance of nature conservation and tourism development in protected areas in the region of the Low Tatras, Slovakia


The Carpathian Project                 

Transnational cooperation for sustainable tourism development in the Carpathians